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December 2015
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Is Your Business at Risk for a Determination That Your Independent Contractors Are Actually Employees?

Written By: Scott R. Thomas You’ve built your business on the model that people doing work are independent contractors rather than employees.  Everything has been going fine until one day when you sit down at your desk to find a letter from a federal or state agency.  It might be the Internal Revenue Service, the Read More

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Top Ten Things To Think About When Drafting A Non-Compete

Written By: Scott R. Thomas You started your business on a shoe-string but you’ve worked hard and built it up.  Now you’re at the point where you’re ready to take on other people to help shoulder the work.  You’ve interviewed several candidates you think have the potential to become true partners as you take your Read More

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Your Commercial Tenant Stiffs You on the Rent. Now What?

Written By: Justin Whittaker What happens when your previously reliable commercial tenant stiffs you on the rent?  If you are a commercial landlord in Kentucky, you’ve likely had to grapple with this question.  If you are a commercial landlord who has not yet faced this issue, give it time; you’re up next.  All landlords have Read More

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