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February 2016
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The Risk of Party Incapacity During Mediation

Written By: Todd V. McMurtry Most lawsuits today are settled through mediation.  For this reason, a lawyer’s skill at managing the mediation process is more critical than ever.  So, a lawyer has to be prepared for the unexpected.  Take for example, a client that has become incapacitated.  Time and circumstance may cause a client who Read More

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Kentucky’s Child Support Guidelines: A Guide for Higher-Income Parents

Written By: Justin Whittaker There are two competing concerns when addressing child support payments when the parties involved collectively enjoy a high monthly income: the needs and lifestyle of the children, and whether a large calculation of child support would be a windfall to the custodial parent, offering no benefit at all to the children.  Read More

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Gun Trusts: Get Yours Before the Rules Change!

Written By: Scott R. Thomas If you want to own a suppressor (a silencer) or any firearm regulated by the National Firearms Act of 1934 (“NFA”), you have to submit an application to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.   These items are serialized and the Bureau keeps track of who owns what.  You submit Read More

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Your Employee Handbook: Answer Warehouse, Communication Tool, and Insurance Policy

Written By: Scott R. Thomas Do you get bombarded with questions from employees about the same topics, over and over again?  Are you plagued with situations where information given by one supervisor conflicts with that given by another supervisor?  Are you summoned to referee disputes between employees who claim that someone is being treated differently? Read More

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