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How a Solid Buy-Sell Agreement Can Avoid a Bad Business Breakup

Like a prenuptial agreement in a marriage, a buy-sell agreement is a crucial tool for preventing a messy and potentially disastrous business divorce. This goes beyond disputes over division of Read More

What Is Minority Shareholder Oppression That Can Lead to Litigation?

Many businesses have only a few owners or shareholders. This is particularly common among closely held businesses. It is the owners who decide major issues such as selling or purchasing Read More

Proven Ways to Ease the Pain of a Business Divorce

A business divorce occurs when one or more of the company’s owners or partners leave or is forced out by those with a controlling interest. It can happen for myriad Read More

Proving Damages in a Business Defamation Lawsuit

It can take years for a company to develop a reputation among its customers, suppliers, investors and employees. But that reputation can be quickly impaired when someone disseminates falsehoods about Read More

What to Do if Your Business Gets Sued for Breach of Contract

Contracts have been called the lifeblood of a business, and when unexpected troubles interrupt the flow, the health of the enterprise is affected. Being sued for breach of contract can Read More

FTC Proposes New Rule to Ban Non-compete Agreements

Non-compete agreements are contractual provisions that prohibit certain employees from competing with their employer after they leave the company. Non-competes can help protect your business from ex-employees using your trade Read More

What to Consider Before Starting a Business Divorce

Dissolving a business or ousting one or more of its owners can be catastrophic. In some ways, a business breakup is akin to a married couple divorcing. People who once Read More

Valuing a Business When Owners Split Up

It’s common for a business to have more than one owner, each with a substantial financial stake in the company. But partnerships don’t always last, either because businesses fail, owners Read More

Common Mistakes That Startup Businesses Should Avoid

Some startup companies become successful businesses, but many more fail because they don’t take the steps necessary to put their companies on a workable basis or they take ill-advised actions Read More

Should You Acquire a Business by Stock Purchase or Asset Purchase?

In the small business arena, companies are usually bought and sold in one of two ways: by stock purchase or by asset purchase. In a stock purchase, the buyer assumes Read More

How to Survive a Business Divorce

Nobody enters into a commercial venture anticipating that the enterprise will fail. Nevertheless, small and start-up businesses are particularly susceptible to dissolution or drastic changes in ownership. Relationships sour, peoples’ Read More

How One Business Can Sue Another for Defamation

Businesses can live and die by their reputations. A commercial enterprise can spend decades building a reputation as a trustworthy provider of quality goods or services. Although robust competition is Read More

How to Serve Legal Process Upon a Foreign Individual or Entity

Correct service of process is a basic and vital part of initiating a lawsuit. In American jurisprudence, courts need to know that defendants have received actual notice of the existence Read More

How to Determine the Strength of Your Company’s Claim for Defamation

Defamation is a common law tort that can be directed at a person, business, a business owner or employees of a company. The defamatory statement can be written (libel) or Read More

The Right of Shareholders to Inspect Corporate Records

Shareholders have common law and statutory rights to inspect and copy the records and books of corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs). These rights exist so that shareholders are able Read More

Understanding Shareholders’ Rights in Derivative Actions

When someone who controls a corporation, such as a CEO or director, engages in conduct that a shareholder believes has harmed the corporation in some way, what can the shareholder Read More

Viewing 1 - 16 out of 26 posts


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