Professional Malpractice

Whether it’s the architect who designs your dream home, the accountant responsible for keeping your company’s financials in check, or the


attorney you need by your side in court, experts are a necessity. You hire a professional to help you complete a task you’d never be able to do on your own. Along with signing of contracts and the exchange of money comes a good-faith belief that standards will be met, if not exceeded. It’s simple: you anticipate the job will be done with reasonable competence, and that it will be done right.

What happens, though, when the dream home collapses? The accounting books are inaccurate? The lawyer holding your money in escrow to fails to return your calls? Many feel helpless in the face of these situations and others like them. You tell yourself it’s all your fault. Maybe you should have done better research or paid closer attention— but you didn’t and now you’re left to suffer financially, emotionally, or even physically. Every state requires a certain set of standards for each profession. Failing to adhere to these standards is not just dangerous, it’s malpractice. Attorney Todd V. McMurtry knows that the only person at fault is the so-called professional you hired.

As an experienced trial attorney, Todd McMurtry has an extensive background in handling various types of professional malpractice claims for both individuals and companies. He will accurately assess your case to determine if malpractice or negligence has been committed. If liability is established, Todd and his team will handle all the details pertaining to your case: from helping you successfully document your damages to hiring and consulting expert witnesses.

Contrary to popular belief, professional malpractice reaches far beyond the medical field. Todd is available to review cases of the following types of professional malpractice:

  • Accountant malpractice (including breach of contract or misrepresentation)
  • Legal malpractice (including failure to meet statutes of limitations or lack of communication)
  • Clergy malpractice (including breach of confidentiality or abuse of authority)
  • Architect/engineer malpractice (including design flaws or errors/omissions in an approval)
  • Real estate agent malpractice (including misrepresentation of property or failing to act in the best interest of their client)
  • Mortuary/funeral home malpractice (including failure to dispose of remains by proper method or within the expected amount of time per state requirements)
  • Stockbroker malpractice (including recommending a fraudulent investment or assuming greater risk than the client wished)
  • Insurance broker malpractice (including failure to pay the premium or purchase specific insurance requested by the client)

Todd’s philosophy is simple: If an expert professional failed to meet the duty owed to you, their client or customer, he or she must pay. Professionals too often will do everything within their power to keep from having to admit any wrongdoing and potentially harming their reputation as a result. This can include calling on their own attorneys who may draw out the process or attempt to blame others. To combat this, Todd stays up to date on industry-specific standards across many different professions. He will cut through the nonsense to establish that the professional simply failed to adhere to the professional standards of the industry, and that they must compensate you for your damages as a result.

If you believe you’ve been the victim of professional malpractice, contact Todd V. McMurtry at (859) 344-1188 or [email protected].