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The Risk of Party Incapacity During Mediation

Written By: Todd V. McMurtry Most lawsuits today are settled through mediation.  For this reason, a lawyer’s skill at managing the mediation process is more critical than ever.  So, a lawyer Read More

Gun Trusts: Get Yours Before the Rules Change!

Written By: Scott R. Thomas If you want to own a suppressor (a silencer) or any firearm regulated by the National Firearms Act of 1934 (“NFA”), you have to submit an Read More

Your Employee Handbook: Answer Warehouse, Communication Tool, and Insurance Policy

Written By: Scott R. Thomas Do you get bombarded with questions from employees about the same topics, over and over again?  Are you plagued with situations where information given by one Read More

One of Your Employees Makes a Sexual Harassment Complaint! Now, What?

Written By: Scott R. Thomas Few things have a more costly and damaging effect on all aspects of a business than a sexual harassment complaint.  Legal costs are incurred to respond Read More

The Three Best Ways to Stay Out of Court

Written By: Todd V. McMurtry Foreclosures, criminals and divorces combined with chronic understaffing have clogged the courts.  If you have not been involved in a lawsuit in the past ten years Read More

Is Your Business at Risk for a Determination That Your Independent Contractors Are Actually Employees?

Written By: Scott R. Thomas You’ve built your business on the model that people doing work are independent contractors rather than employees.  Everything has been going fine until one day when Read More

Top Ten Things To Think About When Drafting A Non-Compete

Written By: Scott R. Thomas You started your business on a shoe-string but you’ve worked hard and built it up.  Now you’re at the point where you’re ready to take on Read More

Your Commercial Tenant Stiffs You on the Rent. Now What?

Written By: Justin Whittaker What happens when your previously reliable commercial tenant stiffs you on the rent?  If you are a commercial landlord in Kentucky, you’ve likely had to grapple with Read More

Has Your Practice Done a HIPAA Risk Analysis Lately? Indiana Provider Pays $750,000 Settlement for HIPAA Violations.

Written By: Matthew T. Cheeks Has your practice done a HIPAA Risk Analysis lately?  Indiana provider pays $750,000 settlement for HIPAA violations. Hacking and data breach incidences are increasingly common and have Read More

LLC Members: Appreciate the Legal Formalities Associated With Your LLC to Ensure Protection From Liability

Written By: Kyle M. Winslow Limited liability companies (“LLCs”) have become a popular business entity for individuals in Kentucky. One of the main reasons that Kentucky small business owners choose the Read More

Kentucky’s Mechanic’s Lien Notice Requirements Simplified

Written By: Kyle M. Winslow The construction industry is on the rebound in Kentucky and throughout the rest of the country. In northern Kentucky, our river cities are booming with various Read More

Duties Among Members in Member-Managed LLCs

Written By: Todd V. McMurtry Over the years I have practiced law, one of the most common complaints that I have encountered is when business partners encounter difficulty in their relationships.  Read More

The County has increased your Ohio property’s value! Now what?

Written By: Scott R. Thomas It’s a nice fall day and you sit down with a cup of coffee to go through your mail.  You see you’ve got a letter from Read More


Welcome to your Martindale Hubbell Website. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! Read More


Welcome to the official blog of Hemmer DeFrank Wessels, PLLC, Attorneys at Law. We will begin posting on this blog shortly, so please check back regularly for updates about the Read More

Viewing 97 - 111 out of 111 posts


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